Survey of the chief persons and other important objects in the Panorama representing the Lord Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on Golgatha.


1 The turpentime-tree before the olivegrove, which covers the upper Gihon pool.

2 Four young Jewesses with a child.

3 A caravanserai (an oriental inn for caravans).

4 A watchtower (for watchers to protect the flocks).

5 Mizpa, the top of a mountain with the town of the same name.

6 Emmaus, a village 11 Km from Jerusalem.

7 An encampment of shepherds.

8 A pool used for watering the flocks during the summer.

9 A group of country-houses at the place where the road to Emmaus branches off from the Damascus Road.

10 The Grotto of Jeremiah.

11 Nicodemusrock-sepulchre.

12 The rock-sepulchre of Joseph of Arimathea in which jesus was buried.

13 Annas, the judge and former high priest.

14 Caiaphas, the high priest, son in law of the former.

15 Oriental well with women drawing water.

16 Jesus of Nazareth, the Saviour of the world, expiring on the cross.

17 Dismas, the penitent chief.

19 Ctesiphon, the Roman centurion (captain) commanded to have the sentence of death, passed on Christ and the two thieves, executed by his soldiers.

20 Roman legionary solsdiers casting lots for the garments of our Lord Jesus.

21 Longinus, Roman legionary soldier, who pierced the side of our Lord Jesus with a spear.

22 and 23 Two members of the High-Council calling out to their comrades the words of the inscription on the cross in order that they may inform Annas and Caiaphas of it.

24 Mary, the mother Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

25 Mary Cleopas, mary#s sister.

26 John, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

27 Mary Magdalene, formerly a sinner, now converted.

28 Mary Salome, the Mother of John.

29 Simon of Cyrene, who bore the cross of Jesus part of the day.

30 Susanna, wife or widow of jairus, ruler of the synagogue.

31 Johanna, wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward.

32 Nicodemus, formerly a secret, now an open disciple of Jesus.

33 Joseph of Aritmathea, who took down the body of our Lord Jesus and buried it in his own sepulehre, hewn in a rock, close by.

34 Veronica, a Jewess from Paneas, who presented the handkerchief to the Saviour.

35 Lazarus of Bethany, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.

36 Martha, the sister of Lazarus.

37 Tents of poor pilgrims from Galilee, come to the feast of the passover.

38 Bethphage, a hamlet near Jerusalem.

39 Ruins of the idol temple, which Salomon had built to please his heathen wives.

40 The Fishgate, called also the Judgment-Gate.

41 The Corner-Gate, also called Old-Gate.

42 The Gennat-Gate, also called Garden-Gate.

43 Castle Antonia.

44 The Temple of herod with ist courts.

45 The Xystus, a kind of arena for games and shows.

46 The palace of the Asnomeans.

47 The country-house of the high-priest-Caiaphas on the hill of graves.

48a and 48b The royal Castle of Herod.

49 Ruins of an oriental mill.

50 A large pine tree.